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A wisdom tooth is the third molar that erupts through the gums on each of the four quadrants of the human dentition during the age of 17-23. Most people have four wisdom teeth but it is also possible to have none, fewer or more.

Why do wisdom teeth require extraction?

Wisdom teeth are considered valuable assets for the mouth when they are healthy and correctly positioned. They are the last set of teeth to appear on the dental arches and often don't have room to accommodate themselves. As a result, they become malpositioned and require extraction. You will need wisdom teeth extraction for the following reasons:

How are wisdom teeth extracted?

Wisdom teeth can be easily extracted in ten simple steps.

Step 1

The wisdom tooth removal procedure begins with radiograph examination to determine their position and alignment.

Step 2

If your wisdom teeth misaligned, malpositioned or impacted, the dentist will design a custom treatment plan for you.

Step 3

The tooth to be removed and the surrounding area is anesthetized to provide for a painless removal or extraction.

Step 4

An incision is made in the gums to expose the tooth and the underlying bone tissues to which it is attached.

Step 5

The surrounding bone tissues are removed to loosen the tooth in its socket.

Step 6

The tooth is divided into sections because wisdom teeth are large and can be easily removed in pieces.

Step 7

Each section or piece is separately removed using special dental tools like forceps and elevators.

Step 8

The extraction site is carefully cleaned to remove any remaining debris or bone particles.

Step 9

The gums are sutured back in place. Stitches secure the wound and provide for accelerated healing.

Step 10

A gauze pad is placed over the extraction site to control bleeding. Ice packs are used to reduce any swelling.

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