All orthodontics use a principle of controlled inflammation to move teeth, the hardest thing in your body, through bone, the second hardest thing in your body. In the case of traditional orthodontics wires and brackets push the tooth against your jaw bone causing a small amount of inflammation. For Invisalign, the clear aligner is pushing against a “button” placed on the tooth. Basically, your body’s own immune system notices this and transports bone (calcium) that is under pressure from the tooth from one side of the tooth, to the other.

Propel is an innovative solution that works to further control this inflammation process. Propel uses controlled vibrations at a specific wavelength to smooth out and sustain the inflammation, which in turn can reduce sensitivity and pain often associated with new trays or wires during treatment. The best part is it takes only 5 minutes per day. Application should occur immediately after your tray or wire change, then every night before you go to sleep.

Depending on your case Dr. Glenn may recommend the use of MOP therapy. MOP therapy uses a small device called an Excellerator, to stimulate an inflamitory response around specific teeth that require further assistance moving. This would be done in conjunction with VPro therapy to accelerate particularly stubborn teeth.


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