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Deep cavities, cracks, fractures, dental trauma and repeated dental procedures make teeth susceptible to infections. Bacteria make their way into the pulp chamber and infect the blood vessels and nerves present in it. As a result, you may experience a severe toothache, sensitivity, abscess formation, swelling near the gums, and darkening of the affected tooth. A root canal treatment is performed to save such severely damaged or infected tooth from getting extracted. It involves the removal of decayed or dead blood vessels and nerves from the pulp chamber, which is present below the dentin. Under root canal treatment, the pulp chamber and root canals of damaged teeth are cleaned, disinfected, filled and then sealed to prevent future infections.

How is root canal treatment performed?

Root canal treatment is performed in steps and takes 1-3 sessions for completion.

1. Radiograph examination.

The dentist uses digital X-rays to examine the damaged tooth in order to determine the extent of decay and the position of the root canals.

2. Sedation

If the dentist believes that the damaged tooth can benefit from a root canal treatment, the tooth is prepared for the procedure. A sedative is used to numb the affected tooth and the surrounding area.

3. Installation of a rubber dam.

A rubber dam is used to isolate the affected tooth from the rest of the mouth. This is done to provide for an inert environment for the procedure. It prevents bacterial interference.

4. Removal of the dead pulp

A hole is drilled in the tooth to access the pulp chamber. Special dental tools are used to remove the dead and infected nerves and blood vessels from the chamber and the root canals.

5. Cleaning the root canals

The root canals and the now-empty pulp chamber is flushed with disinfectants to remove any trace of debris or bacteria. Disinfecting also prevents future bacterial growth.

6. Filling the root canals

The now-clean canals and pulp chamber are then filled with an inert filling and the tooth is sealed off. If the tooth has lost a lot of its structure to the damage, a tooth filling is used to build it up.

7. Installation of a dental prosthetic

The treated tooth is then encased in a custom-designed dental crown. The crown restores the resilience, strength, and beauty of the damaged tooth.

Root canal treatment generally takes only one appointment, but if there are curved canals, multi-canals, or large infections, the procedure could take one or two additional appointments.

You can save your teeth with the endodontic treatment provided at Glenn dental. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Glenn Ong-Veloso, and Dr. Joy Helou in Apple Valley and California City, California. 


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