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Special Pandemic Protocol for the Delivery of Invisalign Dental Aligners.

We are looking for ways to both comply with the health services recommendations, AND service our patients. Currently, the California Dental Association, The American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control have stated that dentists should only treat patients with severe dental emergencies.

We are complying with this decision. This is important for two reasons, 1. Dentistry creates large amounts of small droplets of potentially infectious materials creating an unacceptable risk, and 2. By treating patients dentist must use supplies that are desperately needed for medical treatment of patients.

In evaluating what we can do to continue to do for our patients we have decided that as long as patients can make it to our office, we can deliver their Invisalign tray with limited risk. In doing so we must still protect our other patients and our staff to prevent our office from being a vector from which this disease can spread.

To Qualify To Pick Up Trays.

  • Patient/Responsible Party/Person picking up must not have any symptoms associated with COVID-19. Fever, Dry Cough, Runny Nose, Sneezing, Fatigue,, Difficulty Breathing.
  • This same person must not have been in contact within the past 14 days with such an individual.
  • Current trays must be fitting normally. (Anyone in Invisalign should be familiar with fitment)
  • Patient/Responsible party must be aware they will not be seeing the Doctor nor Assistant (This is PICK UP ONLY)

Procedure To Pick Up Trays

  1. Call to arrange appointment (we need to pull your case out of storage)
  2. When you arrive for appointment use your cellphone to call to advise you have arrived. 760- 242-2620. We will not answer the door to speak with you as we don’t want to risk either party contracting this airborne disease.
  3. We will place your trays in a paper bag with your name on it on a table located outside on the left side of the building.. When the staff member closes the door you may leave your vehicle and collect your bag with. Please take only a bag with your patient’s name on it. If the bag is the wrong bag, (perhaps another patient is here at same time) leave it and return to your vehicle and call. Otherwise, please return immediately to your vehicle so the next person can call and collect their trays. If you have a question about your trays, call us from your cell phone. DO NOT APPROACH OTHER PATIENTS WHO MAY BE OUTSIDE OR AT THE TABLE. Failure to abide by these rules may limit your ability to continue to collect trays in this manner until the state of emergency has ended.

While this may seem drastic, or excessive I assure you, due to the nature of dentistry you do not want to be exposed to our staff during this emergency. Likewise, to ensure we have staff available to provide this service we need to ensure that they are able to maintain social distancing, avoiding unneeded contact.

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