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At Glenn Dental, we are committed to assisting patients with important oral care needs to keep their teeth healthy. The tooth enamel that covers your smile is the toughest part of your body, even more so than your bones. Even so, damage to your teeth is possible, including fracture. Our team offers insight into how to treat a fractured tooth to help you enjoy a healthy smile again.

If you experience sharp tooth pain when chewing food but don’t feel it otherwise, this could be a sign of dental fracture. You could have a cracked tooth from the following situations:

– Chewing on ice, hard candy or nuts, which are firm enough to injure a tooth

– A heavy blow to the tooth

– Eating hot soup or ice water, which are temperature extremes

– A bruxism condition that causes pressure from constant tooth grinding or clenching

If you suspect you have a cracked tooth, our dentist will need to examine the condition to determine if you have a minor tooth crack that can be repaired with tooth bonding that uses tooth-colored composite resin. If you have severe damage, you may need to undergo a root canal or have the tooth removed. By maintaining your regular dental checkups, it’s much easier to discover potential tooth problems before they are severe enough for invasive treatment.

To learn more about how to treat a cracked tooth in Apple Valley, California, please feel free to call our office at 760-284-3060 today for an important consultation with our dentist, Dr. Glenn Ong-Veloso.

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