Don’t Dismiss a Pediatric Cavity

Children have a natural attraction toward sweet treats and foods that are high in sugar. When you combine this with a potentially casual stance toward their daily oral hygiene regimen, it puts children at increased risk for cavities and gum health problems. Fortunately, your child’s routine dental checkups with Dr.... Read more »

Overbite Versus Overjet – What’s the Difference?

A common confusion among the masses is a misnaming of two different types of malocclusion that are both being called an “overbite.” Let us define the medical terms. First, there are many types of malocclusions or bad bites. One kind, that is commonly called an overbite among non-dentists is actually... Read more »

Traveling Teeth

Traveling is a ton of fun. But it’s also exhausting, and when you fall into your hotel bed or tent at night, it’s easy to put off important things. Brushing your teeth is one of those important things, but it’s something you can’t afford to put off. The good news... Read more »

How Scaling and Root Planing Can Preserve Your Smile

Are you familiar with the process of scaling and root planing to prevent gum disease? Typically, a routine visit to the dentist involved a teeth cleaning that also addresses your gum line to prevent gum disease, which is a periodontal inflammation in the gums around the teeth. It often develops... Read more »

Don’t Live with Tooth Fracture

At Glenn Dental, we are committed to assisting patients with important oral care needs to keep their teeth healthy. The tooth enamel that covers your smile is the toughest part of your body, even more so than your bones. Even so, damage to your teeth is possible, including fracture. Our... Read more »

Do You Wish You Could Receive a Dental Crown in a Single Visit? You Can!

Are you looking to enhance your oral health with a dental restoration such as a dental crown? Glenn Dental is pleased to offer CEREC dental crowns, which conceal damaged teeth to help them become more durable, functional, and aesthetic for many more years. A CEREC dental crown can be placed... Read more »

A Small Cavity Can Be Treated by Installing a Dental Filling

Contoured areas on your teeth can be prone to trapping plaque and residual food particles. If these are not removed by your daily oral hygiene regimen, bacterial deposits could increase your chances of suffering a cavity on one of your teeth. Early signs of a tooth decay problem could include... Read more »

Taking Care of Your Smile When You Are Sick

Now that the holidays are over and winter is in full swing, that means one thing: cold and flu season is here! We’ve provided some mouth care tips for when you’re feeling under the weather.   First, there are some oral hygiene issues that need attending to. Make sure that... Read more »

Brush Your Teeth with a Fluoridated Toothpaste

Effective oral hygiene habits start with brushing your teeth each morning and night as well as remembering to thoroughly floss between each of your teeth and along the gumline at least once per day. This is an essential component of preventing cavities and reducing your chances of suffering from gum... Read more »

Watch for These Signs that Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed

In addition to pain in the mouth, there are some signs of wisdom teeth needing removal that you can look out for. If you notice any of the following signs and symptoms, or if the patches behind your molars are achy or swelling, please get in contact with us so... Read more »