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Contoured areas on your teeth can be prone to trapping plaque and residual food particles. If these are not removed by your daily oral hygiene regimen, bacterial deposits could increase your chances of suffering a cavity on one of your teeth.

Early signs of a tooth decay problem could include discomfort and increased sensitivity in the compromised tooth, as well as a slight change in the surface texture of the tooth. Some cavities can also discolor a small area of tooth enamel.

If you have noticed any of these symptoms with one of your teeth, you should have it professionally diagnosed and treated by a dentist. When you visit Glenn Dental for a dental exam, our dentists will sometime treat teeth with small cavities by applying a simple dental filling.

Treating a tooth with a dental filling starts with our dentists numbing the tooth and removing any traces of tooth decay. This step will also create a necessary surface for anchoring the appropriate dental filling material.

An amalgam, or silver, dental filling is the most common choice of material for repairing a cavity on a back tooth. However, amalgam dental fillings are typically a poor choice for a tooth that appears when you smile. In a situation like this, our dentists might use a composite dental filling. This material can be shaded to match the tooth’s natural enamel.  

If you live in the Apple Valley, California, area, and if you suspect that a cavity has developed on one of your teeth, you should call 760-284-3060 to seek professional treatment at Glenn Dental. Dr. Glenn Ong-Veloso and Dr. Joy Helou are here to help you create a healthy, beautiful smile!