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Forming dental crowns is a cool yet time-intensive procedure. We love educating our patients about dental health topics, so we’ve assembled this info for you to assist you as you learn about how dental crowns are created. Please tell us if you have any extra questions about how dental crowns are developed.

The service of forming dental crowns starts in our office, where your dentist will make impressions and take measurements of your chompers using dental molds or other impression technology. Those measurements will be sent to an oral lab where a technician will use the molds from your dentist to make a second impression, which will be filled with robust, long-lasting substances that are heated to extremely high temperatures to be moldable. Once the materials have been set and cured within the impression, the mold is cracked open and the crown is removed, ready to be sent back to our office, where the process started.

Dr. Glenn Ong-Veloso would be happy to see you at their Apple Valley, California, location; please dial 760-284-3060 now to set up your next appointment with the Glenn Dental staff. If you have any further questions about dental crowns, please get in touch with us over the phone or in our office and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.